These days we all think a bit more about our environment. The planet we will leave for the future generations is in our hands and more and more eco friendly, organic products come to our everyday life like wind/solar energy, eco-friendly cars, fashion in cork, even naturally sourced rubber and plastic. I must say I'm a huge fun of these products. Therefore here at Saint Sebastian Tennis Academy we have taken a similar approach to growing our memberships and development of our juniors. My favored definition of the word ORGANIC ischaracterized by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole".That's exactly what we do,  as having two different locations, such diversity in nationalities and cultures, the infinite spectrum of kids characters and talents, the different background of coaches and their mantra and to arrange it all harmoniously into organic and integrated whole is already flourishing into new level of tennis players and club feeling of its own kind.

Join us today :)

Kris Koziol
Head Coach
Saint Sebastian Tennis Academy 




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